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Sapna shares her carefully curated favorites from ayurveda books, cookbooks, her pantry and kitchen essentials and more.

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Ayurveda Books

Ayurveda Books
ayurvedic home remedies.jpg
ayurvedic science of self healing.jpg
Ayurvedic cooking for self healing.jpg
The Yoga of Herbs - An Ayurvedic Guide t
Vastu - Breathing Life into Space.jpg
Prakriti - Your Ayurvedic Constitution.j
Ayurveda - Life, Health, and Longevity.j
Ayurvedic Beauty Care.jpg
The Five Dharma Types - Vedic Wisdom for


what to eat for how you feel.jpg
Eat-Taste-Heal -An Ayurvedic Cookbook fo
Season - Big Flavors, Beautiful Food.jpg
Milk & Cardamom - Spectacular Cakes, Cus
The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs - A
Dosa Kitchen - Recipes for India's Favor
Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen - Tradition
The Forest Feast - Simple Vegetarian Rec
Vegetarian India - A Journey Through the
Icy, Creamy, Healthy, Sweet - 75 Recipes
Dakshin - Vegetarian Cuisine from South

Kitchen Applicances

Kitchen Appliances
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet.jpg
Instant Pot Duo Electric Pressure Cooker
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