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beSPICED  makes ancient wisdom deliciously modern. It connects traditional practices of Indian cooking and eastern wisdom of Ayurveda with modern nutritional science to empower people with skills for easy and effortless homestyle cooking. It shows simple and delicious ways to live in harmony with seasons and find wellness through everyday food and spices.

Recipes, Videos, Products and content found on beSPICED favor a plant powered approach with mindful intake of limited dairy. Seasonal foods, wellness practices rooted in the eastern wisdom of Ayurveda is simplified and made accessible for modern living. 



Many of you know have known me since 2012 when I started Naivedhya. Your support and feedback has been a huge part of my growth every step of the way. Naivedhya means an offering….and in all my offerings one thing remained constant, my joy and passion for spices. Whether I was conducting wellness workshops, teaching cooking classes, my line of heirloom spice blends or my YouTube Channel, spices were the center of attention and I would often find myself saying, “Don’t be Bland, beSPICED”   .This sentence makes everyone smile always.


For me, the word beSPICED   is more than spicing up food. It connects with me at a much deeper level. For me, to beSPICED is inclusiveness, is diversifying our thoughts, our actions and our way of connecting with other.



What does beSPICED logo mean?

BeSpiced-rgb_Icon - multicolor.png

The “S” not only signifies my initials but also represents the infinity sign for me. The shape also signifies a blend of East and West which is an integral part of who I am and my work. The beSPICED logo is divided into six sections. Five sections have one solid color and the sixth section of the logo has a combination of all the five colors.

There are five separate color dots in the beSPICED logo. The number five is special from an Ayurvedic perspective. Whether it is the five great elements – space, air, fire, water and earth, or the five senses – smell, sight, hear, taste, and touch. The sixth section signifies that each of us has the five elements, yet the amounts and proportions vary making us unique and individualized. We are all unique and different yet same.

Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is a combination of our thoughts, choices and actions we take every single moment that shape our lives and well-being. We are on our own personalized path in life. We need to honor ourselves and others for the differences and similarities.

And remember, beSPICED not only in your food, but also in your lives!

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