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Soaked Almonds - Morning Ritual for Fall and Winter Months

Almonds are energizing and one of the healthiest nuts provided to us by Mother Nature. One of my morning rituals during fall and winter months is peeling almonds that were soaked the previous night so we can enjoy them first thing in the morning before breakfast. Placing about 10 almonds for each of us in pretty cups makes it appealing and also makes perfect portion size.

Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda:

  • Soaking almonds are a great way to reduce pitta aggravation

  • Makes them easy to digest.

  • Eating a few soaked and peeled almonds (about 12-15) every morning is also helpful to increase Ojas or our vital essence.

  • Provides adequate unctuous and warm quality in the cold and dry month of fall and winter

Modern Evidence Based Science:

  • Almonds and other nuts contain phytic acid, a substance that inhibits our body’s ability to fully absorb and assimilate all the nutrients. By soaking them over night or for several hours, the phytic acid is broken down and the nutrients can be absorbed easily.

  • One serving of almonds (one ounce or about 23 nuts) provides just 129 calories, and has 6 grams of plant protein and 4 grams of filling dietary fiber, 13 grams of good quality monounsaturated fat and tons of vitamins and minerals.

Have you had your almonds today? If not, start this practice and soak some almonds before your go to bed tonight so you can begin a new morning ritual like me.



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