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CARDAMOM: Super Spices for Spring

Green Cardamom:

Cardamom, also known as Elaichi in Sanskrit, is regarded as the queen of spices and contains cineole, its active antioxidant compound. Cardamom stimulates agni without aggravating pitta and clears excess kapha from the stomach. It is also helpful in clearing cough associated with mucous.

Cardamom refreshes the breath; is excellent to soothe sore throats and eases sinus infections. It has a delicately pleasant aroma and flavor and can be enjoyed in sweet and savory dishes.

Spring Time Use:

Cardamom is an excellent antidote to the mucous generating quality of dairy products. Add to warm milk, tea and other dairy products. Add ground cardamom when making rice or simply sprinkle it over your fruit salad.

Cardamom is a great spice to bake as well. Try adding cardamom to cookies, cupcakes and fruit desserts in spring season to brighten up the flavor of your baked goods.

Complimenting food with spices allows us to take full advantage of nature’s best form of healing intelligence. We know that spices are used for culinary flavor enhancement, but in Ayurveda, spices play a critical role in promoting health and overall digestion.

These five super spices are excellent when used daily during spring to counterbalance the kapha qualities and help boost overall immune health all season long.



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