Workshop - Agni: Awakening the Fire within through Lifestyle, Diet and Ceremony

Saturday Sep 21st

10 am - 6 pm CST

I am so excited to welcome my ayurvedic sister, Uma Jolicoeur to my home in September to lead a very special workshop on Agni. I remember Uma and I as fellow front row students during many of Dr. Lad's workshops and intensives. Uma is currently a faculty member at The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM where she teaches courses in Marma, Pulse Assessment, Nutrition and Lifestyle. She has been assisting Vasant Lad, BAMs, MASc. with his Ayurvedic Lecture, Gurukula courses and weekend seminars since 2015. Uma is also a hospice volunteer and certified Reiki II therapist.

On Saturday, September 21, join Uma in exploring Āyurveda’s expansive perspective on the digestive fires of the body through lecture and hands-on work in pulse diagnosis. Gather tips for kindling digestion by making simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments according to the wisdom of Āyurveda.

In the afternoon Umā will teach Agni Hotra and homa fire ceremonies that anyone can practice for enkindling spiritual energy and healing the mind, body and environment. Learn about the therapeutic value of Agni Hotra ash and how to use it to make a decoction and salve. We will end the day with group homa - chanting, setting intentions and making offerings to the fire. 

The class will be held at Sapna's home and will be restricted to limited participants only. please register now. 

This workshop is open to all. No prior knowledge in Ayurveda or training needed. 

More details will be provided to attendees as we get close to the date. 
Timing is 10 am to 6 pm with a lunch break in between.