Virtual Cooking Classes

New world and New times calls for New ideas!


Join Sapna for a guided virtual cooking class. She will guide you step by step, hold your hand virtually as you will cook in your own kitchens. The classes will include recipes, grocery lists, nuggets of culinary wellness and joyful memories.

beSPICED virtual cooking classes are guided every step of the way. The class sizes are small to allow for meaningful interaction and attention to all guests. Block time on your calendar and let's create joy in our kitchens. 

Samosa Pie and Masala Chai


Samosas are one of the most popular Indian snack enjoyed all over the world. Traditionally, these triangular shaped stuffed flaky pastry is deep fried and requires patience and time to make.


But, let Sapna show you a fun and delicious way to transform the traditional samosa into a baked pie. In this hands-on class, you will learn how to make a masala (spiced) savory pie crust from scratch along with a traditional potato and peas filling. Sapna will share her spice secrets with you along the way as you cook along in your home kitchens. While your pie is in the oven, Sapna will guide you step-by-step how to make an authentic cup of chai and will show you how to customize it based on the season and time of the day. And finally, she will teach you a quick and super delicious mango cilantro chutney to go with the samosa pie!

OPTIONAL: Add-on spice kit can be purchased with your class ticket and will be mailed to you. Allow minimum of 4 business days for it to reach to you in time. 


Savory Samosa Pie 

Masala Chai 

Mango Cilantro Chutney 

Samosa Pie and Masala Chai - Optional Spice Kit Includes 


  • Whole cumin seeds

  • Carom seeds

  • Coriander Seeds

  • Fennel Seeds

  • Roasted cumin seed powder

  • Turmeric powder 

  • Dry mango powder

  • beSPICED brand - garam masala

$15 including shipping and taxes - option available at checkout.

Class Ticket: $30

Each ticket allows access for one screen. 

Sunday, (MOTHERS DAY) May 10th - 3 pm to 5 pm Central Standard Time
Sunday, May 17th -
3 pm to 5 pm Central Standard Time
Sunday, May 24th -
3 pm to 5 pm Central Standard Time


Organize a private Samosa Pie and Masala Chai Virtual Cooking Class Party with your personal friends and family from anywhere. Let Sapna be your guide for this special group activity as you cook together and make memories. Date and time will be scheduled upon purchase.


$200 allows access for up to 8 screens. Additional screens can be added for $30 each. 

How the Virtual Classes Work



You can purchase just the class ticket or include optional spiced kit add-on. (Need a minimum of 4 business days for shipping/delivery or pick-up if you are local).


Sign up for your preferred date After registering, you will be sent a link to log into the class at the appointed date/time.



Grocery list, equipment and tools needed for the class will be sent upon registration.


The virtual classes are designed keeping in mind ingredients are simple and possibly already in your pantry or easy to find. 


Spices are an integral part of every class.Substitution and optional choices will be provided in the grocery list and also in each recipe.  



Recipes will be sent via email 48 hours prior to class date/time. 

Some classes may require small prep work. Prompt reminders will be sent via email to help get you started and ready for class


The classes are designed for you to cook along with Sapna at your home. But you have the option to watch the class and make notes. 


Please note the class recording will not be shared due to privacy of other guests. 


For private virtual cooking class - recording may be shared based on attendee and instructor discretion.  

Class Questions? Contact Sapna

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