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Dallas, Texas

The Ayurvedic Way Lecture Series- May 2018 Celebrate and Nurture the Divine Feminine Energy

Join me again at my favorite museum in town, The Crow Collection of Asian Art for the second lecture of the new 2018 series called, "The Ayurvedic Way" every Friday . In the month of May, we get to celebrate Feminine Energies the Ayurvedic Way. I get to combine the eastern wisdom of Ayurveda and the modern health approach to create a holistic approach to  easily identify imbalances women often face and ways to bring them back to balance to connect to the sacred feminine energy in ourselves through ayurvedic wisdom, diet and lifestyle changes.


This lecture series is FREE To Public so gather your friends and make this monthly event a group meet-up. The main gallery of the museum is undergoing a transformation so we will meet at Center for Contemplative Leadership classroom at the Crow Collection’s offices on the 35th floor of the Trammell Crow Center.



Celebrate and Nurture the Divine Feminine Energy

The Ayurvedic Way

Friday, May 4

Time: noon to 1:00 pm



Awakening the sacred feminine energy involves awakening shakti, the ultimate creative power of the universe. A woman is a creator, a giver, a nurturer, a leader. She carries the divine feminine and divine masculine energy in her in different proportions than men. Due to the stressful lifestyles and constant multitasking, sometimes these energies get out of balance and disrespected. Join Sapna to learn how to easily diagnose these imbalances and ways to bring them back to balance and connect to the sacred feminine energy in ourselves through ayurvedic wisdom, diet and lifestyle changes.


      ✓  Learn about healthy nutritional practices, spices, and herbs to balance the hormones


      ✓  Practice marma (trigger points in our bodies), breathing exercises and meditative practices to balance the right and left the side of our brain.


      ✓  Create sacred self-care practices to activate the divine feminine energy within.


    ✓  All attendees that are present in person will also receive a handout.


    ✓  Food Demo: Special recipe and sampling of Sapna's Hormone Balancing Trail Mix - a perfect snack on the go!


EXTRA BONUS: One lucky attendee will receive an essential oil roller ball bottle infused with one's Sapna's favorite hormonal balance blend.


You don't want to miss! 



This lecture is FREE for public but registration is necessary to help us prepare the space and prep accordingly. 


Please REGISTER for the lecture by clicking here 


DISCLAIMER: I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. If you like to purchase your oils or my favorite recommendation of a Starter Kit, I would appreciate you using my link and being a part of my oil loving team. 




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