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How to Make Dosa Batter | VEGAN Fermented Crepes

 Learn how to make perfect crispy Indian Dosas using my favorite and own dosa batter recipe. Dosa is a fermented rice and lentil crepe that is traditionally enjoyed as an Indian staple. It is usually found in the Southern part of India, now this traditional crispy crepe has become popular worldwide due to its versatility and healthful benefits. Dosas are highly nourishing due to the ingredients and preparation method it undergoes; it is also easily digested and can adapt to anyone's tastebuds! 


Sapna's Perfect Crispy Dosa:

  • lentils 


Combine dosas with traditional homemade chutneys or pair with aloo methi also known as potatoes and fenugreek. 



Discover Sapna's secret Dosa recipe for perfect crispy dosas!



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