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Dallas, Texas

Webinar - Managing Spring Allergies the Ayurvedic Way

March 1, 2017



Honoring the change in seasons helps us realign with the pulse of life and the energy of nature around us. It is an imperative time where one must strengthen our agni, digestive fire, immune health and build new potential for the upcoming season. When we balance our lifestyle, nutrition and overall health, seasonal allergies and toxins can be effectively diminished.


Welcome Spring time and Hello allergy season!! Spring is the season to recharge and renew ourselves… but for many people it is also a dreadful time due to seasonal allergies, itchy eyes, sore throat, runny nose!

  • Why do some people get seasonal allergies and some never experience it?

  • Why do over the counter medicines help short term and never seem to fix the true problem?

  • Is our diet the culprit? Or our lifestyle? What triggers seasonal allergies?


Join Sapna for an interactive webinar to discover the root cause of seasonal springtime allergies from an ayurvedic and western evidence perspective.


✓ Learn the role of our gut health and digestive fire (Agni) in relation to allergies

✓ Practical ayurvedic tips for symptom management of allergies

✓ Choose the right diet and spices to prevent & manage allergies


* Although I would love for you to attend this webinar live, I understand you might have other commitments at the same time. Please note that all registered participants will receive a recording of the webinar as well.


Register Here!


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