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Dallas, Texas

Cooking Workshop - Ayurvedic Chutneys and Gravies

August 1, 2016


Sunday, August 14, 2016

2:00pm to 5:30pm


A traditional Indian meal is incomplete without chutneys and dishes using spice infused gravies. According to Ayurveda, a balanced meal is the one that has all six rasas (tastes). 


Chutneys and gravies are a great way to incorporate different flavors and colors to a meal, but their main role in an Ayurvedic cuisine is to support our gut health. The combination of spices and herbs in chutneys and gravies help with stimulating our agni (digestive fire), correct food imbalances and help with our digestive process. 


Join me as I share with you easy and versatile chutneys and gravies and show how to enjoy them in the right way and appropriate quantities. I will also discuss in detail some of the key spices and herbs that are appropriate to balance our meals in accordance to seasons and also our body constitutions.


This workshop also includes:

  • Nutrition fact sheet about Spices and Herbs and their dosha balancing properties 

  • 6 versatile dishes with detailed recipes  

  • Hands on cooking with other participants and sample the food creations 

  • Each participant will go home with a basket of dry ingredients and spices

Remember, we all cook together, eat together and also get to take a sample of food home !!

Email Sapna with any questions about this workshop.


Sign up Today using the form below! Please note there is limited spaces for my workshops and they fill up rather quickly!

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