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Dallas, Texas

It's Summertime!

June 11, 2016

Can you believe with a blink of our eyes we are in summer? If you are in Texas, you know this season is here to stay for a long time. Do you dread summer or look forward to the heat? Do you enjoy the long daylight times or run away from the sun? 

Every season brings its own unique personality and commands our respect to appreciate its qualities. Ayurveda, the mother of holistic medicine and science of life sets its foundation in living with harmony with seasons. We are truly a microcosm in a the universal macrocosm. Acting on the awareness of the changes surrounding us in terms of seasons and climate is a beautiful way to create balance between the external ecology and our internal ecology.

Here are some 10 quick and easy tips for summer season that I hope you would like to use in your daily living. 

  1. Begin your day with a light breakfast before 9:30 - 10 am. Lunch should not be too late; around noon is good. Dinner between 6 – 7 pm is best, ideally before sunset.

  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun in the summer; especially between noon and 3:00 pm

  3. Take cool baths and showers using neem or sandalwood soap.

  4. Stay Hydrated. In summer, water component evaporates and the earth becomes dry. Similarly water component of bodily kapha evaporates in the form of sweat.

  5. Take room temperature water. Iced or cold refrigerated water inhibits secretion of digestive enzymes…..resulting in AMA (toxins).

  6. Eat foods that are cooling and calming, sweet, bitter and astringent.

  7. Avoid spicy, salty, oily and sour foods such as chilies, pickles, fried foods and citrus fruits as it can aggravate pitta (fire element).

  8. Sleep on the right side to activate lunar breath cycle and cool your system.

  9. Rub coconut oil on the scalp and soles of feet before going to bed – to remain cool overnight.

  10. Enjoy the season. Being surrounded by green plants is healing-walking on the grass with bare feet can be very grounding.

I will continue to share more tips and information throughout the season. If there is a specific question or information you would like to learn, please email me. I would love to hear from you.

Peace, Love, Spices

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