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Dallas, Texas


By integrating western evidence based science and eastern wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine, Sapna emphasizes preventive health practices and provides a holistic approach to help you take charge and manage your own wellbeing.


Connect with me for a one-on-one wellness and lifestyle consultation and discover ways to renew your relationship with food, strengthen your digestive health, create supportive self-care practices that align your daily rhythms in harmony with seasonal changes.

Empower your Wellbeing through a Personalized Integrative Approach

Lets begin today!

For NEW patients only. 

Initial 15 Minute Phone Consultation:


Includes a comprehensive assessment with personalized suggestions (approx 2 hours). Also includes a quick phone follow-up within a week.

Initial Wellness and Lifestyle Consultation:

Follow-up session:

Track progress, readjust, re-evaluate wellness goals and more (approx 30-40 minutes). Sessions can be in-person or online. 

Package of 3 follow-up sessions:  

Best Value! (approx 30-40 minutes each) 




Comprehensive Wellness and Lifestyle Consultation

Each of us are a unique manifestation of the five great elements - space, air, fire, water and earth. An initial consultation includes a comprehensive assessment to design a personalized plan to achieve your individual wellness goals.


Some of the key triggers of the initial consultation include: 

  • identifying your unique body and mind constitution using tools from Ayurveda*and modern medicine,

  • in-depth analysis of food patterns and digestive health

  • understanding of emotional health, exercise and lifestyle routines   




  • seasonally balanced meal ideas in tune with your own individual body constitution and wellness goals. 

  • supportive daily practices of mindful eating, meditation, exercise, and sleep hygiene aligning with your individual bodily rhythm. 

  • self-care techniques to boost calm to your emotional and mental energy.

Follow-Up Sessions: 

Follow-ups are extremely important to track your progress and provide you with ongoing support you need to achieve your wellness goals. Follow-ups can be done in person, over the phone, via email or video conferencing as appropriate.


  • review progress of wellness goals

  • update and reassess food and daily lifestyle practices

  • new suggestions of food, exercise, meditation, and lifestyle changes as needed

Sapna has over 14 years of combined experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and an Ayurvedic Practitioner. She has worked in a clinical hospital setting for more than a decade and has spent thousands of hours in patient care and counseled clients with varied health care concerns.


She has practiced a vegetarian lifestyle all her life and believes in the power of food and spices as nature’s best healers.

Please Note:

The intention of a personalized wellness consult is strictly for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or medical nutrition therapy. Always consult with your healthcare provider and medical team before making any changes. 

*Ayurveda is ancient holistic medicine from India and regarded as complementary medicine by National Institute of Health in US

Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive an email and/or phone call to confirm and schedule a suitable time for us to meet. I appreciate the opportunity to guide you through your personal wellness journey. 

Saslaw D.

“Sapna is a born teacher. Her enthusiasm for Ayurveda and good food is infectious. She presents her material in a manner that is accessible and interesting for all".”